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The Best Instagram Fitness Accounts to Follow In 2016


Fitness inspiration via smartphone is just a tap away, thanks to all our friends posting their impressive fitness routines, products, and healthy eating habits to social media. With businesses like The Fitness Company and Go Organic we are frequently hit with renewed doses of inspiration to get into shape. Follow along and you will surely be motivated to work it out.


If you are a Jennifer Lawrence fan then this is just the thing that will have you going. Although this girl works out like no bodies business, she still eats the kind of food we want to eat on every, single, day. Proved by all the mouthwatering pictures of personal recipes she uploads. Hint: She’s a waffle fan.


Going to the gym can sometimes feel suffocating and repetitive. Rachel Brathen is a yoga teacher who travels the world taking pictures of her yoga moves – how cool is that? She is an example of how a healthy body can be achieved even if you are not a gym freak.



As joyful as running can be, it is hard to get going on a rainy or sun scorched day. That’s why following an account like Ash’s can be so useful. She is at it outdoors come rain or shine.



Celebrity fitness inspiration! Boys, take a page out of his book.




This Sydney-based trainer, Tanya, is here to spice things up by the variety of exercises she does. Find out what your forte is by trying the boxing, running, canoeing, and even aerial yoga tutorials that she posts.




Getting into shape doesn’t have to be boring at all now. If you’re conscious of how you look in a plain T and yoga pants, Faya is here to save the day. Combining fashion and health, this Swedish fitness blogger works out in style.


Are we missing out on any great accounts? Let us know in the comment section.



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