‘Sherlock’ Season 4 is back with a twist!


Are you ready to ‘Sherlock’ yourself with the new Sherlock season? Yes! You heard it right. Sherlock, the most adored television season is coming back this December with a season 4 named, ‘The Abominable Bride’. After a two-year gap, Sherlock season will make a great comeback with interesting story line and mysteries to solve.

Special Sherlock episode will be on air near Christmas to treat Sherlock fans. Season 4 is full of surprises and suspense which Sherlock fans are going to enjoy.


Special Episode of Sherlock will show Sherlock and Dr Watson in Victorian era along with some surprising change in Sherlock personality and wardrobe. A whole new polished Sherlock is what fans will be expected to see. Sherlock that once used to rude and stubborn will now be seen as posh gentlemen, according to Steve Moffat, the producer of Sherlock Season 4.

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