4 Politicians that Desperately Need a Makeover!


In the fluster of votes, wilting democracy and constant downpour of crisis, our politicians have become nothing short of celebrities. Should they now learn to suit up and dress like stars, or are they better off smudging our screens with a little too much fat and inappropriate style skills?

Either way, here’s a heads up for politicians that could definitely use second thoughts on their closet;

Firdous Ashiq Awan


Mismatched contrasts and over doses of foundation and lipstick are not exactly the kind of style checks you should be getting comfortable with. If you’re going to play damsel on screen, you might as well dress like one.

Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari


There’s nothing wrong with being heavy as long as you know how to carry yourself. Bakhtawar can be stunner if she loses a little on the chin and starts wearing apparel that doesn’t make her look like a bag. And that’s a tip for all of us! Loose clothes over already healthy figure are a bad idea. Also, there are multiple ways to fix thin hair and create more bounce for them. Shouldn’t be too hard for someone as rich as her to sign up for one.


Altaf Hussain


Full marks for wearing a sherwani to a completely serious, non festive and official event! And then wearing a hideous striped polo to a conference. Wow Altaf Bhai, such a stunner.


Sassui Palijo


No one wears lip liners and those shades anymore. Sassui shouldn’t either.

Do you agree with us? Let us know!



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