Pictures from the Music Launch Event of Bachaana


Upcoming new Pakistani romantic-thriller ‘Bachaana’, has released their original Motion Picture Soundtrack with Big Film Entertainment in Lahore on 26th January 2016.

The movie stars Sanam Saeed, Mohib Mirza and Adeel Hashmi, has been directorial debut by Nasir Khan and is set to release in February 2016. The movie features 3 original songs, including ‘Yaari’, ‘Koi Labda’ and the title track ‘Bachaana’. There is also a mash up of these songs, which again is a first of its kind.

The movie is about a Pakistani man and an Indian woman and how they meet in Mauritius, and embark on a journey together.

Below are the pictures from its music launch event.

Bachaana Music Launch 15 Bachaana Music Launch  17

Bachaana Music Launch  1 Bachaana Music Launch  2

Bachaana Music Launch  3 Bachaana Music Launch  7

Bachaana Music Launch  4 Bachaana Music Launch  8

Bachaana Music Launch  13 Bachaana Music Launch 11

Bachaana Music Launch 10 Bachaana Music Launch  12

Bachaana Music Launch 21 Bachaana Music Launch 18

Bachaana Music Launch 20 Bachaana Music Launch 19

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The credits of the songs are as follows:


Composer: Prasad Sashte

Singer: Shafqat Amanat Ali

Lyrics: Shakeel Sohail

Mastering: Shadab Rayeen


Composer: Ali Sher

Singers: Benny Dayal and Komal Ghazanfar

Lyrics: Shakeel Sohail

Mastering: Shadab Rayeen


Composer: Pop-rock band SYMT (Haroon Shahid)

Singer: Haroon Shahid

Lyrics: Haroon Shahid

Song arrangement: Farhan Ali

Mastering and Audio production: Sheraz Siddiq


Composed and produced by DJ Kiran Kamath


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