Pakistan’s fascination with Hum tv’s Mann Mayal

Mann Mayal-hamza ali abbasi

Mann Mayal has become one of the highest rated shows in Pakistan. It comes on every Monday at 8:00PM and according to ratings brings in millions of viewers. We have to admit that one of the biggest attractions of the show is Hamza Ali Abbasi, an actor who has made a household name for himself, especially after the mega success of his previous show Pyare Afzal. Mann Mayal features the beautiful Maya Ali opposite Abbasi. We tuned in and binged watched the show to understand what exactly is it that makes it so popular- we were not disappointed! The story revolves around star crossed lovers – a modern day retelling of classics such as Heer Ranjha and Romeo and Juliet.


Mannu(Maya Ali) belongs to an established family whereas Salahudin(Hamza Ali Abbasi) comes from a humble background struggling to make a name for himself. When Mannu and Salahudin fall in love with each other, the pursuit becomes impossible due to the objections that both their families raise. The story is simply constructed, a charming plot that we have come across a million times in fiction, but what makes Mann Mayal engaging is how the plot is layered with depth and how the message is conveyed by the brilliant acting of its star cast. The show is addictive, every episode ends on a cliff hanger that keeps the audience coming back for more. We cannot wait to see what happens next!



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