Pakistan day: Our national holiday

pakistan day- 23rd march-pakistan- pakistan day

We all love when a holiday comes up mid-week allowing us to relax before the weekend! 23rd March falls on Wednesday this year and we couldn’t be more delighted. In all this delighted frenzy, it is also important to understand the history behind this day. Pakistan day more commonly known as Yaum-e-Pakistan is the commemoration of Lahore Resolution (1940) and the adoption of the first constitution of Pakistan (23rd March 1956) officially making Pakistan the world’s first Islamic republic.

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One of the most common ways to celebrate the day is a parade by the armed forces. One of the most interesting facts about this parade is that last year (2015) it was held after a gap of seven years due to constant security threats from terrorists. We are glad to hear that this year the parade will he held again as it holds a very special place in the history of Pakistan. The National Day Parade will be held near Shakarparian in Islamabad. Arrangements have been made to manage the traffic. The Expressway will be blocked from Khana Pul to Faizabad interchange and cell phone services will be blocked for one day for security concerns.

We hope that you enjoy this holiday with a patriotic spirit. On an additional note, Sindh announced a holiday on 24th March to mark the celebration of Holi. It saddens us that the rest of the provinces have failed to take this initiative as accepting the minorities is a fundamental part of Pakistani patriotism.



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