Movie Review: Mother’s Day

mothers day-Jennifer Aniston

Mother’s Day is a Rom-com movie starring Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, and Jason Sudeikis.


Directed by Garry Marshall the problem with this latest star-heavy film is that it shows women in poor light, with zero character development. Uttering offensive comments and lifeless jokes every few seconds.

The film follows a variety of mothers in the days leading up to the special day. Jennifer Aniston, who is a divorced mother whose husband remarries a twenty year old. And Julia Roberts’ a mother who gave up her child and went instead for a career, implying the age old belief that  women can’t have both.

And if you feel like you dont relate to any, there’s also the new mother whose own adoption has scarred her to the point of mental instability.

If you love your mother, the last thing you would want is for her to see this movie.




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