Manjeet Diaries by Generation


Pakistan is finally evolving – with the woman’s protection bill being passed and Sharmeen Obaid being crowned a powerhouse, the empowered woman has become an appreciated symbol in a country that was always deemed sexist. For this evolution we need to recognize the forces behind bringing about this change, one of which is the clothing brand GENERATION. With their new spring collection, “Manjeet Diaries”; GENERATION pushes the envelope and challenges defined social boundaries.


Generation has always been a renowned brand that resonates on an emotional level with Pakistani women as their creative designs bring forth the aesthetic tradition of this country. “Manjeet diaries” intends to do the same as the collection follows the story of Manjeet, a woman who is beautiful, edgy and unafraid to explore the world around her. Manjeet lives in the heart of every Pakistani woman and with this collection GENERATION challenges the buyers to wear these qualities proudly.

Genereration-Lawn-Manjeet-Spring-summer-collection 2016

The campaign features Zara Abid, a model who has an air of stunning eccentricity and individuality in her, it is an air that one instantly relates to and understands. The designs are breathtakingly urban; they blend in beautifully with the streets and make the city even more alive than it already is.Generation-Lawn-Spring-Summer-collection-2016

We are looking forward to this collection and seeing how “Manjeet” will allow women to wear and enjoy the idea of a free spirited 21st century woman.



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