Mah-e-Meer FINALLY slated for release

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Mah-e-Meer is an up and coming biographical drama which is based on the real life of the famous poet Mir Taqi Mir. The film is written by Sarmad Sehbai, directed by Anjum Shahzad and stars Iman Ali and Fahad Mustafa in lead roles. The film has been in the making for two years now! It was originally to be released in November and was delayed until January 2016. Director Anjum Shehzad stated to Instep that he was “planning to release the film in January since it needed work in terms of colour grading.”


Up until now the much awaited film did not even have a release date but now FINALLY Fahad Mustafa shared the poster on his official Instagram account with the caption “May 6th it is.” The films trailer was released on March 23rd. The film promises to be unconventional in a world of generic cinema. Looks like movie buffs now finally have something to look forward this summer as far as national cinema is concerned. We can’t wait for this biopic, buy your tickets before May 6th to enjoy the brilliance of poetry in motion.



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