Layla Chatoor’s Floral Frenzy


Designer Layla Chatoor held an exclusive viewing of her new summer pret and summer resort collections, which included a bunch of florals done in various cuts. Here are the exclusive photos of her two latest collections:

Summer Pret 2016

Having previously confined her popular pret to periodic exhibitions, Layla has now inaugurated a permanent walk-in studio for pret and light formals.

                                                 Layla Chatoor Summer Pret 2016-3        Layla-Chatoor-Pret-Exhibition

                                                 Layla Chatoor Summer Pret 2016-4        Layla Chatoor Summer Pret 2016-6

Liberte Summer Resort:

Layla Chatoor’s acclaimed summer resort collection, Liberte. Inspired by Coachella, a music festival that is as known for its style, Liberte has a laid-back yet luxe feel. The collection channels a boho-chic vibe.

                                            Layla Chatoor Liberte Summer Resort 2016-11        Layla-Chatoor Liberte-Summer Resort-2016

                                            Layla Chatoor Liberte Summer Resort 2016-17        Layla Chatoor Liberte Summer Resort 2016-13

Which of these is your dream floral dress? Let us know in the comments below.



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