Kareena Kapoor’s worst fashion moments


Kareena Kapoor is now a household name- not only is she an established actress but she is also hailed as a fashion icon. Most of us seemed to have forgotten that before she hit the runways in sleek couture, there was a phase when Kareena had bleach blonde hair and could not differentiate a Valentino piece from an H&M one. THE HORROR! Let us refresh your memory and take you through her worst fashion moments.

1) Too much BLING, not a good thing


2) With all that money, the least you can do is stich a blouse properly.


3) OUR EYES, OUR EYES! We need special sunglasses to be protected from the rays of that hair color!Kareena-Kapoor-worst-fashion-moments-3

4)Speaking of special sunnies, here are a pair that seem way too special, if you know what we mean. kareena-kapoor-worst-fashion-moments-4





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