Kapoor and Sons; a smash hit at the box office.


Fawad Khan is on a roll – he has surely made a name for himself across borders with back to back success of first Khoobsorat and now Kapoor and Sons. The Shakun Batra project has managed to bring in 36.5 million during its opening weekend. Apart from being a success at the box office, the film has garnered rave reviews as well. The film is a family drama which is a perfect mix of lighthearted comedy and serious pressing issues – both elements which exist in actual households. It is a reflection on the complications that occur between different generations, sibling rivalry and the unconditional love that is shared despite the feuds that transpire.


The story is a success because the message is heartfelt and real – the writing is not hammy or over done to get a rise out of the audience. It is mellow and natural in its approach and therefore instead of igniting cheap thrills from the audience it pulls at our heart strings and even makes us reach for those tissues! We would also like the credit the star cast for playing the roles to perfection, especially Rishi Kapoor who completely embodies the role of the lovable “daddu.” Make sure that you don’t miss this blockbuster as it is a perfect mix of entertainment and good quality cinema.



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