Hamza Ali Abbasi Is Proud Of Zhalay Sarhadi!


Earlier this month Hamza Ali Abbasi posted on International Women’s Day how ashamed he was to admit the fact that media and fashion industry of Pakistan is using a woman as a sex symbol and confusing it with women empowerment.

“In every field of life including media, women must come out as symbols of respect, honour, dignity and courage,” he added.

Recently after the release of much talked about first Pakistani 3D movie Jalaibee, the Pyaray Afzal star once again expressed his enormous respect for actor-model Zhalay Sarhadi for not “taking off her clothes” in the song Jawani.

The actor made a statement about the recently released movie on his Facebook page.


He also expressed appreciation towards the director of the movie Yasir Jaswal not follow the trend of Item numbers in Pakistani films.

Watch Zhalay’s Item Number:




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