First Trailer of Moammar Rana’s film Sikander is out!

First-Trailer-of- Moammar- Rana’s-film- Sikander-is-out-FI

Moammar Rana begins its first directorial project with Sikander starring Haya Sehgal, Nadeem and Farhan Ali Agha.

The first trailer is full of action featuring the main cast who are looking amazing in it. The film is in a process from the 2015 but was delayed as Moammar Rana couldn’t take time because of his busy schedule but never mind as far as the storyline and the film look good.

In the trailer Moammar Rana looked in great form as one can see his Abs and body fitness in Sikander, which shows that Pakistani actors are can take care of their fitness and can do anything to get into the skin of the character.

First-Trailer-of- Moammar- Rana’s-film- Sikander-is-out

Even though it’s a full action movie with nothing glamorous in it. It is expected that Sikander will bring diversity to the Pakistani cinema and will do a great job on Box Office.

So what you guys think of Sikander Trailer?

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