If you haven’t already caught a whiff of the lawn wars soon to hit every major city in Pakistan, you’re probably living under a rock. However, with so many options offered, cut throat competition amongst the women regarding style and panache, how does one choose?

However, when it comes to fashion campaigns the Élan Spring/Summer collection 2016, Vol-1 as seen in their recent effervescent campaign clearly takes the cake, becoming one of the most talked about brands amongst competitors and clients. Dazzling with life, brimming with colors, the lawn paired against the dusty cityscape is a mix of traditional Eastern, Arab art and 70’s pop culture; here’s a list of what to look forward to this season:

  • Flare It!

The wider the flare the better, with a few modern nips, new aesthetic mixes, and fresh color combos, in deliciously yummy pastel shades of lemon yellow, pink and black. Chanel your inner Cher!

  • 60’s Flower Power

Nothing says spring like a dose of flowers. From a rose-infused kameez to chic flare pants with lace. Flowers are one of the season’s hottest trends.

  • Mediterranean Leisure

A sexy re-imagined spin on the architectural patterns often found in Morocco plus flowers again, with embellished necklines casually paired with a shalwar or pants. Feminine!

  • Tassel obsessed

Forget about fringes, tassels add a more polished yet shaggy touch. Instead of overpowering an outfit, tassels add an understated flair in small dosages to amp up an everyday casual outfit.

Lets have a look at some of the amazing prints of the season.



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