Dulha Bhatti by Fahad Hussayn


Fahad Hussayn is a name that needs no introduction. He is one of those few talented designers who have the capability to make couture into an art form and he intends to do exactly that with his upcoming collection called Dulha Bhatti.


Through this collection he wants to tell his audience a story, which is precisely the reason why he will not be a part of PSFW Sunsilk Fashion Week 2016. He claims that the runway will not do justice to the story he wants to convey through his line as one can easily get lost and distracted by the glamour on stage.


The collection will soon be unveiled in his new studio where one can have a more personal experience with his couture as opposed to an impersonal one at Fashion Week. One might be curious as to why Fahad named his collection Dulha Bhatti. Dulha Bhatti is a historical figure who is more commonly known as “Robin Hood of Punjab”. He led a rebellion for freedom against King Akbar and the battle was referred to as “Dulle di var”. It seems as though Fahad intends to bring alive Dulha Bhatti’s incredible persona through his love for high fashion.



We know we can’t wait to check out this unique collection!



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