DO’s and DON’Ts: A Guide to Fashion Week

The ninth season of PSFW Sunsilk Fashion Week is just around the corner and we are thrilled that new collections of prestigious designers will be unveiled. The PSFW Sunsilk fashion week is recognized as an exciting platform that gets coverage from fashion experts all across the globe. The fashion week raises the bar for trends for the rest of the year and becomes a dominating trending topic for quite some time.

If you are lucky enough to attend this prestigious event you need to be made aware of the etiquette that such a show requires. It is also your responsibility to make this show a success! To be made easily aware of this etiquette we have conjured up a list of DO’s and DON’TS for PSFW Sunsilk fashion Week 2016.


GET dressed up!! The fashion week is a celebration of fashion. It is not just the models responsibility to look good, the crowd should look their best too.


Don’t wear black. We understand that the color is slimming and classy however spring is upon us and it is a season to celebrate colors!



Take a risk, don’t play it safe with your wardrobe. We live in an era of experimentation, so take a risk and start a trend


There is a fine line between experimentation and looking ridiculous. Don’t go overboard with the experimentation.



Applaud when you find a collection fabulous.


This is not a concert. Do not exclaim rudely at a collection you may not like. It is not polite to do so. Talk about it after the show.



Have a blast! It’s a celebration after all!


Do not disturb others at the expense of your own fun. Don’t create a ruckus! The show is supposed to be on stage not off it!




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