Dior displays new collection at Paris Haute Couture

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In October 2015, the fashion world was left bamboozled after the announcement of Raf Simons resignation as the creative director at the luxury French design house Christian Dior, the second one in 5 years to leave from Dior. Simons had replaced John Galliano after he was sacked amid controversy in 2011.


The Spring/Summer 2016 haute couture show was the first one after the departure of Raf Simons, and even without a singular vision leading their way the house studio heads Lucie Meier and Serge Ruffieux did a great job and lived up to its expectations. Like always the Dior show is a must –see for everyone.

The studio heads described this seasons Dior women, ‘She is femininity in motion, and every movement conveys confidence. At once private and headstrong, they dress freely and without fuss, bringing to life couture’s new realism.’ The Haute Couture fashion shows display some of the world’s priciest women’s wear targeting the elite class.

Displaying a total of 52 outfits, models were walking unusually fast on the ramp mirroring the life of a modern Parisienne. Beginning the show with the monochrome shoulder baring designs to outfits made of contrasting cuts, texture and rich in embroidery. Dior’s trademark bar jacket was given a masculine look, while coat versions showed off shoulders. As the studio heads say, ‘Volumes are freestyle, the bar jacket changes appearance depending on whether it is worn closed or loose; the shoulder is sensual, bare.’


Let’s take a closer look at the some of the runaway looks from the 2016 couture show.


The simple black dress, hair slicked back, classic makeup and the leopard shoes – isn’t this something you could picture JLaw wearing during the Oscars 2016? It would be pretty awesome if she gets this custom made for the event.


Now this isn’t an outfit that would work in theory because it totally sounds like a mismatch of random things. I mean come on, it has orange and black contrast sparkles, paisley and leopard shoes. But then, when you look at this picture you actually know that it looks pretty cool.


Another dress we need to see this Oscars? Yes, totally, the embellished long sleeves mixed with white strapless dress, is a fresh outline is something that the red carpet hasn’t witnessed as yet

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Getting into a more casual and for people who don’t have enough budgets for couture, this fresh and interesting printed blouse and skirt with chains is something you can easily copy.


Something to give you a spring/summer feel is this floral midi dress that flared out at the hips before tapering back in along the leg.


The gorgeous knee length black coat with a printed skirt gives the look a raw edge.


Right after the monochrome prints the runaway was livened up by bold flashes of colors giving a modern edge to fashion while semi-sheer fabrics gave the collection the dreamy and quirky air, to live up to the house’s bar.


A quick nod to the underwear-as-outerwear trend meant that the final tailored, structured looks did nothing to quash the collection’s magical and very Dior-like effect.


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