Legendary Artist: David Bowie dies of cancer

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The great music legend David Bowie died at the age of 69 after fighting with cancer for 18 months. He was an all-rounder from being a producer to painter to film actor.

With his 25th music Album ‘Blackstar’ his new single came out in November while album was released in January first week, his song Lazarus is the one that everyone will remember from his last album as it got massive response from the listeners. This album was the last work of David Bowie as he released it on his 69th birthday. This talented singer has also sang for ‘The Last Panthers’ which was an original soundtrack by him for a film or TV show in the last 20 years.


In his 50 years of music, David Bowie gave some really amazing music that some of his soundtracks were used as videogames soundtracks.


The Man who sold the World, Heroes, Space Oddity and Lazarus are among his popular hit that everyone remember. Truly, David Bowie will always be remembered through his music forever.



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