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Celebrity Hair Do’s You Should Be Copying

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Our team of writers are continuously on the go to deliver you the latest information about all kinds of hairstyles, hair color and especially celebrity hairstyles.

While some like their mane to be able to flow and be messy and wavy because as a go-to look,  we’ve put together some fun things like including braids and up-dos. Scroll on to see what inspires you. If you want, you can also add some cool accessories in the hair.

Emma Roberts


How simpler can this get? Just part your hair equally from the middle on both sides. Braid loosely starting behind the ears.

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa seems to have caught on to the Game of thrones fever. To get this look, part hair and braid from the middle of your head. Flip both braids to the opposite side and gather all hair into a bun.

Kate Hudson


Simple as a dimple! Gather hair diagonally at the top of your head and push into a bun with the help of bobby pins. take out some loose hair to make it look casual.

Lea Michele


Make two side partitions and make into french braids till the tips. Then gather both braids into a tight knot at the back.

Nina Dobrev


If you want to let your hair down, go for it. Just don’t let it be boring. Braid when wet and open when all hair are dry. Hey! How did you get those beach waves?

Emma Stone


Emma Stone is a class act. Naturally, her hair do’s are a neat job.  Head to the salon for this one 😉

Katy Perry


Not for the faint hearted but sassy as hell. Part hair on both sides equally, roll into buns. Channel your inner street fighter.

Keep following us as we track the most noteworthy celebrity hair. And let us know which one of these hairstyles you will be copying for the next event or wedding you attend, in the comments section.



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