Celebrities’ love for Tech!

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Meet the celebs who invested in tech startups. These are the richest and savviest in the game.

1. Bono is mostly known for his philanthropic work outside of his music; however, he is also renowned for his truly savvy business investments. His private equity firm, Elevation Partners, manages over $2 billion in assets, which include companies like ForbesMarketShare and Yelp. But their biggest asset was acquired in 2009 when they invested $90 million for a 1.5% stake in Facebook. When Facebook went public in 2013 and sold for $100 billion, he walked away with $1.5 billion.

Style catchup bono-facebook-elite-daily


2, When it comes to celebrity angel investing, Ashton Kutcher is the best in the game. He knows how to spread his seed far and wide, which has helped him reach awesome success investing in startups such as SkypeAirbnbFoursquareHipmunk and LikeALittle, to name just a very few. Just take a look at his CrunchBase recent milestones list, which shows all of his tech acquisitions. It’s safe to say that this man is addicted to investing in good ideas.


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4. One of the most esteemed actors in the game is also a full-time startup advisor to one of the most successful social mobile sites in the market. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the initial investors to Mobli, a photo sharing service that rivals Instagram and Viddy. In 2011, DiCaprio invested $4 million into the company. This contribution not only helped with technology development, but marketing and PR. His presence has also attracted many more celebrity figures to the site, which is great — especially for a social media hub.



5. Jessica Alba is one of the most fantastic MILFs in the game. Not only does she have the looks, but her maternal skills are up there, too. In fact, she went as far as to start her very own line of non-toxic diapers and cleaning products that she was inspired to make after having her two children. Honest Company is a specialty service that delivers these baby-safe items to your doorstep every month.



6. Kim Kardashian is a co-founder of online subscription shoe company ShoeDazzle.com, which has reportedly raised $60 million in total venture financing. The founder of the company is Brian Lee, a serial entrepreneur whose first company, LegalZoom is expected to go public soon.

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