Bollywood Celebrities: Reel V Real Names


Did you know that your favorite Bollywood favorite actors actually changed their names to get into Bollywood? Not surprising but this worked out pretty well for them. Let’s have a look at top Bollywood celebrities whose real names you will never know.

Preity Zinta

This beauty changed her name from Preetam Zinta Singh to Preity Zinta that worked out for her.


Shahid Kapoor

This handsome hunk also known as Shahid Khattar changed his name to Shahid Kapoor. Must say this guy took the lead in everything he does from dance to acting to his personal life.


Katrina Kaif

British beauty changed her name from Kate Turquotte to Katrina so it sounds easy to pronounce and get more acceptance from the masses.

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Salman Khan

His real name was ‘Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan’ but chose to go with Salman which was a very smart decision on his behalf. Salman Khan even in his 40’s is doing an amazing job.


John Abraham

Yes this hot guy birth name was Farhan Abraham and later on he changed it to John which amazingly worked for him.


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