8 sisters of Pakistani Television!

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Pakistan Television screen is full of people and they are so interlinked, that we hardly know the relationship between them. 

Today this article will shed light on few of the famous celebrity sisters of Pakistani Television screen, in order to let the people know about the interrelated relationships off the screen. 

Let us see and decide which among these sisters are your most favourite!

1. Mawra Hocane and Urwa-tul-Wusqa


The Two have made their journey to the road of success in not only Pakistan but also leading to India. Dazzling Beauties managed to make the whole Pakistani nation go crazy behind them.

2. Alishbah Yousaf, Syra Yousaf, Palwasha Yousaf


All three of them are well-known faces of television, one being the daughter in law of sheikh family, one being the Vj on television screen and one being the female lead of ‘Main Abdul Qadir hun’.

3. Sajal Ali and Saboor Ali


Sajal Ali and Saboor Ali, both have different talents and made their position stronger, independently. The question is which is more liked by the audience on the television screen? So that to know about the best viewers choice. 

4. Zhalay Sarhadi and Zyla Sarhadi


Zhalay Sarhadi and Zyla Sarhadi are two old icons of Pakistani Television Industry. Among them, Zhalay Sarhadi worked much more than Zyla, however, the face of Zyla Sarhadi is also not unfamiliar from the audience. 

5.Sabreen Hisbani and Sanam Baloch


Decency and these two sister can be synonyms, as both managed to look beautiful and graceful in all the characters they were placed throughout their career.

6. Aiman Khan and Minaal Khan


These are the little twin sisters of the Pakistani television screen. They started their career since school and are getting progress day by day. 

8. Arisha Razi and Sara Razi

Arisha Razi and Sara Razi

One among the two above is a spectacular child star, who worked in many TV shows. The other one is not exactly her look alike, but she also started her career as a child star, now also being casted as a young star in different T.v shows.

Actresses of the Pakistani TV screen, belonging to eight different families and few sharing sisterhood with each other are mentioned above.
Hope the article helped you find the relationships between some of your favourite on screen stars. Do stay connected for more and also don’t forget to state which among the above sisters is your favourite?

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