6 things you must know about Fawad Khan

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Style CAtchup_Fawad khanWe all know that Fawad Khan is hell easy on the eye. So how well do youStyle CAtchup_Fawad_Khan_and_Sadaf_Fawad_Khan know Fawad Khan?

1. He is already taken!

He proposed to his wife at the age of 17. And today they have a son named Ayaan Khan


2.Owns of a fashion brand

He owns a brand called ‘SILK by Fawad Khan’. It was launched in 2012 and is a collaboration brand with his wife.

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3.  First appearance on TV was in 2000

He first appeared on television in a drama series ‘Jutt and Bond’ in 2000. He played the role of Bond.


4. Lead Vocalist of Entity Paradigm

He also crooned his way into becoming the lead singer of Entity Paradigm and has a brief stint in Coke Studio to his credit.


5. Acting wasn’t his first choice

The heartthrob, who holds a degree in computer sciences and found his true calling in showbiz much later in life.


6. A self-proclaimed introvert

Fawad has confessed to being an introvert. His circle of friends and family is limited. He is often known to keep his phone switched off to avoid unnecessary interaction with the outside world.



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