5 things that happen in a Pakistani wedding!


Pakistani weddings are full of colors and celebration and that what makes them extraordinary. But there these 6 things only happens in Pakistani wedding and nowhere else. Some of them you might be able to relate as well.

Aunties looking for a perfect match

When there is this one aunty who is seeking a perfect match her son or daughter. Obviously, where there are many potential proposals out there who wouldn’t mind looking for a perfect daughter-in-law or son-in-law. This can be really dangerous so stay away.


Food battle

And majority people at your wedding just come to eat food. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say if you know half of the people you invited to your wedding.


Selfies are a MUST

No wedding is complete without selfies. Since everyone is dolled up at weddings, from kids to adults, everyone needs to take selfies and upload them on social media so everyone knows how gorgeous they looked.


Mehndi Dances

Without these Pakistani weddings are considered to be incomplete. Siblings, friends, and relative make sure that the couple remembers their big day by performing on desi beats for them. And obviously, when you are looking at the snaps and videos of these performances they make you laugh hard.


One person who cries more than the bride

This person is annoying but funny at the same person and everybody assume him or her to be really close to the groom and bride. In real they are not and the saddest part is that you can’t do anything about it.


Do you guys agree with it?

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