5 Shocking Bollywood Celebrity Breakups!


Superstars get a lot of love and appreciation from all around the world, but some Bollywood stars have failed miserably in their own love life. Can you guess any Bollywood superstar who has gone through such tragedy? The first name that comes into your mind? Salman Khan! Though many celebrities have failed love stories but everyone’s favorite Salman Khan has the most tragic one. Let’s see which Bollywood love birds never got a chance to live their happily ever after!

Shahid Kapoor


The very handsome Shahid Kapoor has been deeply in love with Kareena Kapoor. Not a breaking news but both stars dated each other for almost 4 years after which they finally broke up. Kareena is now married to Saif Ali Khan and Shahid himself is also getting married sometime soon this year.

Ranbir Kapoor


Next in the line is another member of Kapoor family, Ranbir Kapoor. This heartthrob celebrity had a relationship with gorgeous Deepika Padukone. They both ended up in 2009. Looks like Deepika’s RK neck tattoo still haunts her of their love life memories.

John Abraham


Bipasha Basu had John Abraham trapped in her love for almost 9 years. That is a very long time and the fans used to adore this couple, expecting them to get married soon. But all those years were put to waste when the couple separated.

Akshay Kumar


Raveena Tandon, Shilpa Shetty, and Pooja Batra are on Akshay’s love list. But Akshay couldn’t win over any of these beauties. After all these meaningless relationships, Akshay finally got married to Twinkle Khanna and put an end to his love search.

Salman Khan


Salman’s love life is not as successful as his Bollywood career. Though he has dated some very top celebrities, still he is one of the forever alone guys. The love list includes Sangeeta Bijlani, Somy Ali, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and last but not the least Katrina Kaif. Katrina and Salman dated for 6 years and broke up because the beauty was fed up of Salman’s possessive nature.

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