5 Pakistani Celebrities who are present at every event!


Name an event and you will find these celebrities there. Whether it’s an award show, a fashion show or any launch, these celebrities are spotted at every event. Their present might make feel some good and some might get bore looking at them at every event that take place. Some of the Pakistani celebrities that are spotted more often at events are

Fawad Khan

This guy has gained a lot of popularity and made him most wanted celebrity of the showbiz. Whether it’s LUX Style Awards, Pakistan L’Oreal Bridal week or whether it’s a phone launch. Fawad is seen everywhere. He has got fame in short period of time which other celebrities get in after a lot of struggle but he does handle his stardom well.


Ahmed Ali Butt

Entertaining Ahmed Butt is present at every social event that takes place. At some of them he is usually seen hosting or at some he is just seen socializing. This social butterfly is found everywhere. He has been a part of many award shows showing his hosting skills. Moreover he is invited to event just because of his social profile and his entertaining skills.


Mahira Khan

This gorgeous celebrity is present at almost every event you just name it. Whether it’s a Halloween party, LUX Style award show, fashion weeks, Pakistan Super League or a movie launch. She makes her appearance worth noticing. Mahira Khan has got so much that no event is complete without her appearance. Some of them might got bored of her but she is does add charm to the event by her pleasant personality.


Ayesha Omar

Hot Ayesha Omar makes it to every event that is taking place in the town. It’s her popularity and the social status makes her appear at every social event. She is surely talented and the reason at many events you have seen her singing or if not hosting you must have seen her socializing. She is always must invite guests list due to her popularity and charming personality.


Anoushey Ashraf

This famous Vj is spotted at every famous event happening. No doubt due to her amazing hosting abilities, Anoushey is the first choice for every organizer. It’s her happy go lucky nature and friendly nature that makes her one of the loveliest celebrity of the Pakistani industry. She does bring a lot glamour and charm to every event she goes. Whether its mobile phone launch ceremony, famous award show or a fashion show. She is there to show her support.





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