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5 Makeup Mistakes You Make Every Day!


There are times when one look back at their old pictures and wonder “What was I thinking while applying this lipstick or foundation?”. These are the types of mistake we all make every day without even realizing. Here are 5 of them with easy fixes! Have a look!

Wearing the wrong shade of foundation


We all do it at one point or another. To rectify this mistake just choose two shades of foundation that are closest to your skin tone, apply these to your jawline and decide which one is best for you.

Applying too much powder


Just because the powder is translucent doesn’t mean it is invisible. Apply the powder where it is needed and use a brush to blend it.

Testing makeup on the wrong area


It is common to use back of your hand match color of foundation or lipstick but keep this in mind that your hand might have more redness. Apply foundation on your jawline for the better idea.

Applying too much blush


Always keep this in mind that applying too much blush can make you look clownish. Smile and focus on the apple of your cheeks.

Applying makeup to dry skin


You must exfoliate your skin at least once a week because applying foundation on dry skin will cause flakiness.


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