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5 make up essentials that everyone must invest in!


There’s a whole world of makeup out there. For those of us who are not professional makeup artists, we often get confused as to which product one should go for. We have also noticed that many of us make the not so smart mistake of choosing quantity over quality. We have to admit that a good brand of makeup product is quite expensive so we end up avoiding these products and end up buying something low quality instead. What we need to understand however is that when it comes to certain essentials, one cannot choose to be convenient as it damages our skin. If you do apply makeup then make sure that you invest properly in these 5 things.

Foundation: A good foundation can make or break your skin. High quality foundations actually moisturize your skin instead of damaging it, so in that case you do not need to hesitate when it comes to the application. One of the best foundations out there is Dior. It makes your skin glow.


Blush on: In this case we would suggest a Channel blush on. It is very hard to find blush on’s that look natural and blend into your skin tone. Channel does the job well!


Highlighter: It seems that when adding color to your cheeks, Mac does the job best. Unlike a blush on, a highlighter is supposed to POP. The gold is supposed to sharpen your cheek bones and make them glow. The gold in Mac’s highlighter is worth the investment.

MAC 'Soft and Gentle' Mineralize Skinfinish

Mascara: What many of us don’t realize is that mascara is the most important essential a girl can have. A nice mascara can make your eyes look large, without the effort of putting on an eye liner. After going through many different products, we have discovered that Estee Lauder is the best! It defines every single eye lash to the core.


Concealer: Now this is a tricky one. A low quality concealer turns grey when mixed with foundation. Not only does this look dreadful, it also damages the skin. For a natural look that does not harm your skin we suggest you invest in Clinique.


These products are expensive, however the FACT is that they last for a whole year and nourish your skin. Invest in them as they are worth it.



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