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5 Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks you shouldn’t miss

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You know you want everything about you to be flawless, but at the same time you don’t want to get off the couch, leaving an episode of Friends in between, because you also don’t want to put in a lot of effort or waste a lot of energy, which could easily be utilized for Netflix and Chill!

Well, say hello to these easy beauty hacks that every lazy girl needs!

1 – Conceal don’t feel, don’t let those dark circles show. 

Use your concealer correctly by drawing inverted triangles under the eye to hide your dark circles.


2 – Want the perfect cat eye look?

Because you usually end up looking like someone punched you in the eye?

eyeliner 1

Here is the perfect tip – Use a credit card on the outer edge of your eye going upward to get the perfect cat eye

eyeliner 2

3 – Too lazy to go to the nail spa?

Just grab yourself a couple of Band-Aid’s and give yourself a nail art session. Apply the base nail color and let it dry. Press a band-aid with holes on top and apply the contrasting color. Remove it once dried (or if you can be super careful remove it immediately).  There you go the perfect polka-dot manicure (and it was free)

nailart 1     nailart 2

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4- Want your lipstick to last the entire day?

All you have to do is hold a tissue paper over your lips and apply powder over it and Voila! No need to apply lipstick every 2 hours.


5 – If you’re lazy then you should put a hat on it!

Don’t want to shower? Out of the dry shampoo supply? Well, then just grab a hat and do no more; you are set for the day!



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